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Missouri Lottery Player Discovers a Happy Surprise with a $100 Winning Ticket Turned Into Much Bigger Win!

A Missouri lottery player celebrated a $100 win, until she took a closer look at her ticket and realized she had actually won $100,000.

The woman, who has not been identified, purchased the “$100,000 Fortune” Scratchers ticket at Discount Smoke Shop in St. Louis. After scratching off the ticket, she thought she had won $100 because she mistook a comma for a period.

However, when she took a closer look, she realized that she had actually won the game’s top prize of $100,000. The woman said she was “in shock” when she realized her mistake.

“I just kept going ‘No, no way!’” she recalled while claiming her prize.

The woman said she plans to use the money to pay off her bills and save for her retirement.

This is not the first time a lottery player has mistaken a comma for a period. In 2019, a woman in New York thought she had won $50,000 on a Scratchers ticket, but she actually won $500,000.

It is important to always check your lottery tickets carefully to make sure you are claiming the correct prize.